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Working across various genres of live theatre including musical theatre, dance, physical theatre and music; Sabrina produces live shows for a variety of performance venues. 


Sabrina strives to work with local venues in the Worcestershire area and beyond, bringing quality professional performance to the region. 


Having devised and performed our debut theatrical spectacle "Tales of the Woo" at Worcester's Guild Hall, we have also performed at Worcester's Swan Theatre with "Cabaresque!" (featuring the stars of So You Think You Can Dance) and our most recent production "The Rhythm Club". 


Thanks to the fantastic support for our latest production, and having now established ourselves as a quality peroming arts company

in Worcestershire, we will be returning this summer to Number 8 in PERSHORE with The Rhythm Club 2!


If you can make it - we would love to see you there!

As a production company, we not only specialise in creating live performances, but also   event management. 


We can offer a unique approach to any event, theming the entire concept from the layout of the room, to bespoke entertainment throughout. The complete package!


Detail is everything 


We approach eveything from an artistic point of view, which makes us a little different... we have the vision to create something truly bespoke and memorable. 


If you have an idea for an event, or would like to discuss an idea, please get in touch today and see what we can do to make your event a success! 


If you are looking for entertainment  we are here to help! We can mould our entertainment to suit your needs and style of event. We have a fantastic team of professional performers with years of experience across a wide spectrum of the Arts - West End, Television and Global tours.  

Our performing arts team have a wealth of experience in  dance & theatre education. Both at dance schools at grassroots level, up to professional training colleges including
Bird College for dance and theatre performance, Guildford School of Acting, LCPA, MADD, International Dance teachers confrence Royal Ballet Studios, 
and workshops nationally. 
We cover a  variety of genres including Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom, Physical theatre, Singing, Drama and Musical Theatre.
If you are interested in any dance or theatre tuition, private tution or masterclasses in an event setting - please get in touch! 




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